Sunday, August 9, 2009

...from San Francisco to Sullivan's Island...3,750 miles later

I was driving today, in a car, and saw some locals on the porch of a bright green house set a hundred feet off the road. The sun was near the top of it's arch on a hot South Carolina summer Sunday. I wanted to stop and talk to the men. They were gathered underneath the porch which was providing much needed shade and I could only imagine the stories they might be telling of their ramblin days. I did not stop the car and over the next several miles of back roads I saw countless more scenes that beckoned me to come closer and listen to the story they had to tell. With each scene I made up a new excuse as to why I did not need to stop and make a picture. Too far off the road, too hot, my driver's side door is stuck closed, the light was not quite perfect, it might seem to intrusive, the fence is too old to climb, my stomach is growling, or the song on the radio is just too good...

I feel quite lucky to have been able to experience our country in such an intimate way this summer. Traveling by bicycles left us vulnerable to our surroundings in a way that allowed us to hear what the landscape had to tell.

Thanks for your interest and support...

the boxcar kids signing off for now.

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