Monday, May 18, 2009

No Open Wounds!

This Joel, Shane's cousin, posting in place Rush, Shane an Elspeth. I met up with them Saturday night at Walker Pass Campground just east of Lake Isabella. We were at about 5,250 ft above sea level. Two days previous to that they had been in Bakersfield(about 500ft). They had climbed almost a mile vertically in 2 days! Quite a feat.
We had a great evening. I cooked (homemade guacamole and fajitas) while they shared stories from their trip through Big Sur and across the Central Valley of California (ask them about Wasco and Vern from Kern). Some family members had shipped me gifts and supplies for the crew and I came bearing the well wishes of my friends in LA (Big thanks to Scott and Nate). As the warm afternoon faded into a cool evening, we watched the sunset and the stars light up the massive sky.
In the morning we had a quick breakfast (oatmeal and coffee) and slowly packed up our camp. I watched them prepare for their day ahead, which began with a steep 2 mile summit of Walker Pass followed by a 14 mile 2000ft decent into Owens Valley and the Mojave Desert. As I drove away, I realized how impressed I am at this endeavor they are undertaking. They are in great spirits and are having an incredible time. Best of luck Shane, Elspeth and Rush!


  1. wow!. you mother fuckers are looking great! just as cheery as you did when i dropped you off in nashville! good to see where you guys have been. live it up! keep on truckin....M Ward might give you some inspiration for the death valley to come!! know what im talkin about the way pick your bro up some peyote......ya heard

  2. Hope that your journey is going well. Know that those of us at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest are wishing you the best. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip through Death Valley and hoping you had a wonderful stay in Trona.

  3. Ah, so wonderful. We didn't get strawberries in Cali. Dern seasons ;-) Shane happy belated b-day. Lovin' the pictures and stories of grand adventure. Did ya find any Abbey yet? In desert one needs Abbey. Keep on rollin'

  4. You guys rock! Pictures are awesome and stories are great. Shane, Death Valley...did you really have to tell your Mom? You have one hell of an adventure going -keep in up! Shane, happy belated and there should be something in store for you guys down the road from us!

  5. I want your life!
    Love to you.