Friday, May 1, 2009

Trucking Through the Tablelands (by elspeth)

It is 12:34 and we're gliding past red mesas, roundabout mile 1,330. We've only stopped for gas refills and the occasional mandated toothbrushing- and William Rush Jagoe the IV has been Exceptional Driver Number One, relieved only by William Rush Jagoe V for the awful graveyard shift at the wheel. WHICH means that Shane and I have lounged in the back of this kingly cab for 21 hours. This has been some very serious driving, accompanied by some very serious peanut butter and jelly eating. We forgot the name we chose for the blog, and spent a minute finding it online- which means you're either very skilled at remembering ridiculously long site names, or you've got a link. If you've found us- hurrah! Only sleeping in backseats for now- it seems we'll roll into San Francisco in the early hours of Saturday morning.We've started the first of may in Oklahoma (where the wind comes right behind the rain)and will end it in a sleepy California.


  1. Well holy shit! You honkies are finally making it out west, I am so jealous... as I sit and write this from behind my an office...on Saturday morning. Quite privileged, sure, but I would rather be roughing it with you all. Oh, this is Tasha, Shane's the way (I was planning on going on this fucking crazy endeavor until, well, until I reluctantly accepted timing was off for me). But as I sit here, behind this desk, with a really creepy old french guy slash elder gym rat if you will- audaciously checking me out from my window, I am surrendering to the realization that this is where I am meant to be at this time...ya-right. Anyway, thinking of you all, cannot wait to intercept you on your travels in about a month or so--much love--tash

  2. You mean there have been five (5) William Rush Jagoes? That's amazing.

    So Rush, what are you going to name your first-born son??

  3. Els, this is Mere. I've missed you so much these past few months and wish our timing had been better coordinated. I think about you every day, and cannot wait until I can sit with you (in G.C. or NOLA or Timbuktu) and hear all about your biking adventures. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to imagine you on the road with those wonderful companions. Please stay in touch.