Monday, June 8, 2009

Smiling Faces, (very) Warm Places

Though the arid and beautiful landscape of southern Utah filled us with more awe than we could usually handle, the heat and desolation began to grow heavy on our bikes and minds. Then after a frustrating afternoon of constantly just missing our desert mirage, Tasha Darwent drove out of the canyons and met us on the hot shore of Lake Powell. With 8 hours of driving in a car full to the roof with amazing food and treats from the Darwent family we started refuling. Four days, several insane hikes and many full bellies later and we were watching Tasha and all her amazing energy drive off into the desert to head back to the land of Colorado from which she came. Two nights later and we were camping in Colorado still living off the wonderful food that the Darwents send. My belly was full and all that was left of the fire was a few glowing embers. I remembered how biking away from Lake Powell I needed to think about something other than the 45 m.p.h. headwind so I concentrated on replaying everything that had happened in my life in the last 6 months. First I remembered my friends and family and all that they have given me and next I remembered all the generous people in my life. The fire was almost totally extinguished and now the full moon was illuminating the desert trees I turned off my headland and found my way back to the tent with a little help from the moon. Overwhelmend by the generosity of everyone in my life - complete strangers to close family and friends - and I fell asleep a happy man.

Thank you all,


  1. I'm loving all your descriptions of your experience and the great pics. Travel onward, and we'll see you at camp!

  2. Love the pics. Utah, ah. By the way that is a HUGE pile of fine looking meat. You going to leave any for me?
    Propably passed ya'll along the road somewhere, although I'm thousands of miles North in Canada and Montana.
    Newly developed theory on headwinds (just today). Maybe there is something to cycling against the prevailing wind (West to East jetstream). Then you expect the headwind are really happy when you get a tailwind. Otherwise you expect the tailwind and are really pissed when you get the headwind. What is your take on this theory? Is it sound or do I need to spend less time in the wind.
    Find beauty, Andrew